Presentation – TopNest across sectors of the Czech economy

We´ll secure you employees from abroad across all sectors of the Czech economy. We will be your reliable partner for the entire period of employment of the employees mediated by us. We are here for you – we are TopNest.

Workers in agriculture and plant production

Ing. Adam Zdražil – Agronomist in Bramko Semice
"We were very pleasantly surprised with the Filipino workers, the comprehensive approach by TopNest and all the service regarding the intermediation of the workers. We will request TopNest to provide additional groups of workers for the upcoming season."

Workers in hotels and hospitality sector

David Mokrý – Director of Operations Chateau Mcely
"TopNest helped us in securing all the services when recruiting employees to the Czech Republic. We recommend working with TopNest and we consider them as a quality partner on the labor market."


Workers in the steel industry

Mgr. Vladimír Kučera – HR manager of Signum
"The TopNest team is always willing to provide us with maximum cooperation. TopNest fulfills all our expectations and I warmly recommend it to all companies that have problems with a lack of qualified workers."

Workers in the butcher industry

Ing. Pavel Trčka Ph.D. – Director of the Toro Hlavečník division – Chovservis
"TopNest is our partner who provides us with a large number of recruitment services."

Mgr. Petra Laifrová, Ph.D. – OSH, quality, environment, Toro Hlavečník
"If you need quality, qualified and loyal employees, ask TopNest. We highly recommend cooperation with them."


Workers in assembly operations and the electrical industry

Ing. Alena Drábová – LEXA & POSEL Operation of HAMR-KOSKY
"We are happy to cooperate with TopNest. Thanks to TopNest, we gained a valuable reinforcement to our production company and stabilized our production team. TopNest can always very well evaluate what type of employees are needed for a given position."

Workers in the concrete industry

Ing. Veronika Černá –HR manager, PREFA Rašovice
"TopNest has secured workers from the Philippines for several jobs such as carpenter, concrete worker or welder. We are very satisfied with the employees secured and especially with TopNest's services, and in the future we will significantly increase the number of employees from the Philippines in cooperation with TopNest."