Marketing like a Cow


Lately, we regularly and irregularly present you a nice pictures from offices around the world. Now let's go back a few months together. It was February, there were minus temperatures outside, frequent fog, snow often with rain, and the roads were not dry and warm, but muddy and slippery. So that you don't think that we work only in offices, we will now show you that our work is often also in the field, for example when interpreting operational trainings. It also doesn't always smell the way we want it to, our shoes don't stay as clean as we'd like them to, but if you take a moment to look at those beautiful black and white cows, all these worries will completely disappear from your mind. And so we would like to introduce you to Emily, Sara, Natália, Maria, Jean, Patrícia, Lorein, Adele and others. Yes, we mean cows. One of our Filipino breeders you see in the photo are Eduardo and Rhasie together with Michal from our team. In the next photo, you can see a familiar face: the great boss of our TopTeam, Miss Andrea, with Rubie and Oliver. :-) Do you know what you get by combining a cow and a post on social networks? After all, Marketing like a Cow!