Exploring czech history and culture


With the handover of workers, the first phase of our work ends and a new one begins. Throughout their engagement with a Czech employer, we remain in contact, meet, call, and support the workers, helping them adapt to the new environment, both at work and beyond. We are their partners, just as we are to their employers, throughout their stay in our beautiful country. Their original home, 10,000 km away, is entirely different from ours, and it is always wonderful to see the interest our foreign workers have in Czech culture and history. This is one way to adapt well, integrate into the new environment, and find a second home here with us. Throughout the year, many similar historical events are held where foreign workers can learn more about our history, culture, and nation as a whole. Although it may not seem so at first glance, these non-work activities are very important for our workers' satisfaction and understanding of the way of life in the Czech Republic. That is why we are very pleased when our colleagues from the Philippines seek out such events on their own. Keep it up!