Basketball tournament


So this Saturday was amazing!

Five days ago, there was a great basketball match of Filipino basketball players who represented their Czech employers.The atmosphere in the whole hall was perfect! Laugh, joy and energy flowed wherever a person moved. It was great to see so many Filipino athletes and their friends or family members in one place. The sports performances of the players and their high level were astounding. We could have expected it, after all, almost everyone plays basketball in the Philippines. The Signum team that we were a sponsor of didn't win this time against the DHL team, but next weekend our team will surely leave the match with their heads held high! Fingers crossed!

The event managers need to be praised for the excellent coordination of the entire event and adherence to the schedule. Thank you all for a great morning and we look forward to the next time! We are attaching some photos and videos to show this event to as many people as possible.

Your TopNest Team!